2013 Holiday Photo Session – Part I

Last weekend I thought it would be fun to rent a backdrop and some lights and do an impromptu photo shoot. I wanted to take some pictures of Maya and Emma but since I had the props all set up, I invited a few friends as well. We had a pretty good turnout and I’m still post processing the pictures. Still, it is the 1st of the year and one of my New Years resolutions is to take more photos and post more often on this blog. So, what better way to start fulfilling this resolution than to post some picture.

Below are a few from the first photo session with Maya, Emma and my mom. Such lovely girls!!!


One of the things that is great about spending time in post processing, is the ability to apply various filters and really make the photo be something that you want to have on your wall.

So whether your desire is to show the real colors, or change them a bit or make them black and white, it can be done. And the feel of the photo transforms.

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Emma will be 4 years old in March and lately she loves to be “silly”. As we were doing the photo shoot, she loved to move around and perform. It made of a challenging subject but it was sure fun!


My mother was a fun subject to photograph too. She is a beautiful woman and I am very happy that she had the time to come and be photographed. And she was a huge help with the girls who loved spending quality time with her.


Emma especially, loved to be goofy with her!




These are my priceless memories in the lens. Stay tuned for part two of this post with the other photo sessions!


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