Hawaii through the years

In 2004, Rory and I went to Hawaii for the first time. We did not know what to expect…

What we found was our traditional vacation spot. It’s pretty amazing that this is our traditional spot to vacation, given that Rory has never really been into wanting to go to the same place twice. That’s why we never thought of buying a time share. But here we are in 2015 and we’ve gone to Hawaii many, many time. So as I’m reminiscing our vacation spots, here are a few favorite photos from Hawaii through the years.

Kauai 2004image0000069Aimage0000066Aimage0000064A

Maui 2006IMG_9582-94338015-OIMG_9587-94338438-OIMG_9588-94338526-OHawaiiIMG_9730-94352648-OHawaii2Rory

Maui 2009Maui%2C Hawaii 2009 051-500938412-OMaui%2C Hawaii 2009 004 - Copy %28-500947228-OMaui%2C Hawaii 2009 053 - Copy %28-500948987-OMaui%2C Hawaii 2009 063 - Copy-500949696-OMaui%2C Hawaii 2009 094 - Copy %28-501094493-OHawaii3Hawaii4Maui%2C Hawaii 2009 264-501101523-OMaui%2C Hawaii 2009 343-501104819-OHawii5Maui%2C Hawaii 2009 076 - Copy %28-501112010-O

Kauai 2011IMG_4387IMG_4492IMG_4525IMG_3974

Big Island 2012Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (540)Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (589)Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (711)Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (727)Hawaii6Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (1112)Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (186)Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (288)Hawaii_BigIsland_2012 (355)IMG_4236

Maui 2012RL5A2487RL5A2483RL5A2521RL5A2539RL5A2605

Kauai 2014P1010621P1010671P1010777RL5A2618hAWAII7RL5A2538RL5A2544Hawaii8P1010843P1010855RL5A2761RL5A2788

Till next time…Hawaii!!! We love you!

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