High School Photo Session

I don’t remember exactly when this photo session happened…

…but I wanted to blog about it for several reasons. First, because I am reminiscing on memories and I don’t want to loose this one, and second because this really started my hobby in photography and post processing photos on the computer. Up until this time, I have always enjoyed drawing and especially enjoyed figure drawing where the human was the center of attention. While I love to take pictures of landscape and flowers, it’s the human that really fascinates me. There are many, many things to keep one interested and especially the eyes. For me, it’s true that the eyes hold a person’s soul.

Michelle, was a high school senior ready to graduate. She was the daughter of my neighbor so one day, she came over and we had a photo shoot. Then, we went on to University of Washington and other places around Seattle to take more pictures. Unfortunately, I think I’ve lost of lot of the photos over the years. The only ones that I have are a few from the studio session and some from Pike Place Market.


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