It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

As a working parent looking to keep her hobby alive, I’m always falling behind on what my heart wants to do and what my commitments are in a day.

There are many things I want do, from eat well, spend quality time with the children, focus on my husband, do well on my job, run to sweat and keep me sane, clean the house, volunteer at kid’s school, spend time with mom, spend time with friends, work on my photography business, help mom’s business, and on and on and on…I read somewhere that you can only do three things really well. So if that’s the case, should I just pick three things and leave the rest? How does this really work? Is it per year, per month, per week or per day? I guess there’s no secret formula. So I’ve started to put this in practice per day. I don’t look farther than the day. But on a given day, I do spend time in the morning with my brain to agree on what these three things will be. And everything else? Well, they’re going to be bonuses. But these three things are going to be done in the most stellar way! Here’s to today:

  1. Focus on work – yes, it’s Monday and I care about my job. So, for the next 8 hours, I’m going to really focus on work.
  2. Focus on kids – they are growing so fast that I need to make sure I’m here for them now. Yesterday Emma ended up having 5+ hours of screen time (between waking up and being allowed to watch TV, then going to friend’s place and watching more TV, then having a playdate and ended up with more screen time because I was busy cleaning and didn’t realize 3 hours went) and then was very upset because she could not watch more TV in the evening (because in the weekends, they get to watch both in the morning and evenings…it’s their little treat). When we did spend time together reading and listening to her sing, the evening ended up beautiful and I felt more connected with her than ever.
  3. Focus on Memories In The Lens – this is my hobby and side business. While I’ve neglected it for the past 2 years, I feel a new energy to bring it back and feed my soul. This is the work that I truly get to do alone and that is a reflection of who I am. It’s my art for the people and I love it! Today, it’s going to be about seeing how my website can evolve and how my communication with potential customers can happen. For those that have read this far, if you’ve got any tips please send them my way. Everyone seems to be a photographer these days, so the business is well saturated. But this is in my heart so I’m doing it because it’s calling me.

Let me know how life happens for you? Do you practice focusing on the things you want to accomplish short term? Do you have a long term vision and you stick to it?

Before I leave you for the day and get back to doing #1, if you email me at my new email address by this Friday 10/12/18 to book a photo session, I’ll give you 1 hour for just $100.

And, because cats are always fun to look at, here’s Elvis, our new family member since December 2017.

He’s my first cat. He loves any place to jump in and hide!

Maria Cameron

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