My Story

The camera is an extension of who I am. From the time I was old enough to buy a camera, I’ve been that “friend” at the parties or social events that always has the camera with them. I might have been annoying at times, but I hope that I’ve always created great memories for my friends and families that they will cherish forever.

In 2000, my husband and I got a puppy. Well she was a rescue dog and was already 1 year old so she was fully grown. But her spirit was very much that of a puppy. I never had a pet before and so when we brought her home, I could not stop taking pictures of her. I documented her every move and every little detail of her being. I did not know the love of a pet until Teika joined our home.

Teika is now gone, but the pictures of her will be with me forever. She has made me really love taking pictures of animals. So if you love your pets like I did and want some photos, I will be happy and thrilled to help out.

In 2010, our first daughter was born. Having kids has been a huge life changing experience. I could not stop taking pictures of her the first three months. The little movements, the smiles, the small little being she was were all photographed. And videotaped. Babies are the most amazing little people to photograph. And they are so fun to be around…

In 2013 we had our second daughter. And of course, the same story repeated. Only now I have two children to constantly take pictures of. I sure they enjoy when I take pictures of other people so that they can get a little bit of a break…

Throughout the years, photography has been a hobby I’ve loved to spend time on. I’ve taken pictures of my friends and family. I’ve also taken pictures of strangers and their friends and families. I can honestly say that I love taking pictures of people. People are the memories I want to keep with me. The memories I want to save. The memories I cherish the most.

I would be honored to photograph you, your friends and family too and give you the memories you should have too.

Feel free to connect with me by email at or by phone at 206.619.0803.

I am open for any type of photos be it, weddings, maternity, newborn, children, family, prom or high school, glamour or just some fun, creative memories.